Microsoft update may contain trojan. Have any of you experienced this please?

Answer It's a 'drive-by' rogue program which will have installed silently in the background and contains malware.As well as Malwarebytes as has been suggested use the following free progams to remove:SUPE... Read More »

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AVG detected that winamp has "trojan horse SHeur.CLZE". Is this another bug from AVG's update last night?

Same issue here .. The temporary AVG solution posted earlier doesn't work for me .. and what's worse: now Winamp keeps crashing!Even after disabling AVG and reinstalling Winamp, it just keeps crash... Read More »

I use win7 and I had the option to update Microsoft Silverlight what is this?

It's a product like Flash but made by Microsoft. It's safe to update.- Dominic

Please help, i have a trojan?

you need to delete it by pressing the button on Avast

Do I have a trojan Please help!!!?

the best way to get rid of one is to format your hard drive back to factory settings, however sometimes they can be removed if you can locate them and be sure to remove all infected files :o)