Microsoft powerpoint question...?

Answer You can either try the Select All option (CTRL+A) to see if it shows up, or you can use the Find option (CTRL+F) and search for what is printing that you do not want. These would be the first two ... Read More »

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It should. They both support video presentations.

Does Microsoft PowerPoint accept files from Microsoft Access?

To move information from Microsoft Access for use in Microsoft PowerPoint, import the data contained in the Access file rather than the file itself, as PowerPoint does not accept entire files. You ... Read More »

How to Use Microsoft Powerpoint for Mac?

Although Microsoft produces both software programs, PowerPoint for Mac and PowerPoint for Windows are very different in terms of their user interface. With both versions of the program, you can cr... Read More »

How to Use Microsoft Office PowerPoint?

Have you ever needed to make a PowerPoint for your job or computer class and failed it because you didn't have any idea how to work the program? This article should be helpful.