Microsoft and google software can't connect.?

Answer It would have helped to know which Windows OS version you are using and at what update level.Have you checked to see if you need to establish Proxy Configurations.Is your logon the Administrator le... Read More »

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How to Connect to a Microsoft Exchange Server Without Microsoft?

Microsoft Exchange server is a popular e-mail server but it can be difficult to connect to with anything other than Microsoft products[1]. You need your Exchange server to be IMAP enabled.

How to View Microsoft Office Work Mail on Home Computer Using Microsoft Office Software?

Outlook is an application that allows you to manage your email, contacts and calendar with one interface. The application is a client in the sense that it retrieves data from a server and puts it i... Read More »

What is Microsoft OEM software?

The term "Original Equipment Manufacturer," also known as OEM software, has changed in meaning over time. OEM products are sometimes pre-installed on hardware before the customer even purchases the... Read More »

How do I buy used Microsoft Office software?

Use a Reputable RetailerPoint your browser to one of several online retailers such as or to purchase used copies of Microsoft Office products. Before you purchase or bid on soft... Read More »