Microsoft Excel Question regarding auto update of Date of Birth?

Answer There are at least three basic ways to show an AGE value based upon a Birth Date. Here is but one of those: = INT( ( TODAY() - B2 ) / 365.25 )Where "B2" is the reference to the cell containing ... Read More »

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How to Program an Excel Spreadsheet to Auto Update From the Web?

Creating an Excel spreadsheet to update automatically from the Internet can be highly beneficial if you wish to keep track of stock changes. According to Microsoft, "if you import your data, Excel ... Read More »

How can I have my web page auto-update when I change something in an Excel worksheet?

By having Microsoft ASP and using Microsoft IIS server. But you may not have those available to you, unless you are running in a large corporate environment. Or you could use Microsoft Office Live... Read More »

How do i put the date on a cell in microsoft excel?

Enter the DateOpen Excel to create a blank spreadsheet, or open an existing spreadsheet. Type a date in any standard format into a cell. Standard date formats include January 1, 2010, 1/1/2010, 01/... Read More »

How do I add one hour to a Microsoft Excel date?

Find the cell address of the time you want to add an hour to. For example, A1 has the time.Type "=cell address + TIME(1,0,0)" in the cell you want the added time in. In our example, type "=A1+TIME(... Read More »