Microsoft Excel 2007 : Making Line Graphs?

Answer Two problems with your graph:1) It seems Excel took your x-axis data and assumed it to be another variable (the red line). I will not cover this problem in my answer.2) Your y-axis starts from zer... Read More »

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Can you make line graphs on Microsoft Excel?

Just select the Cells with your different values. You can then choose the Chart Wizard icon, or go through the menu selection of INSERT ==> CHART...From the dialog window that appears, choose "Lin... Read More »

How do I use graphs in Microsoft Excel?

Select the DataLeft-click on the top left cell that holds the data that you want to make a graph out of. Press the "Shift" key and click on the bottom-right cell in you data field. All of the data ... Read More »

How to Use Microsoft Excel to Draw Control Charts and Graphs?

Control charts are used in statistical process control and demonstrates how a process changes over time. Usually, time is plotted on the X axis (the horizontal axis) and some other variable (the on... Read More »

Microsoft Excel 2007 Instructions?

Microsoft Excel is spreadsheet software that you can use to organize data and perform calculations. Excel can track trends, perform calculations (automatically, if you set up a macro) and update da... Read More »