Microscopes Used in Forensic Labs?

Answer Crime labs use forensic microscopes to compare and analyze trace evidence such as bullets, hair fibers, handwriting and soil samples. These microscopes are also used in the science of Ballistics, w... Read More »

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Microscopes Used in Science?

Microscopes visualize objects too small to see with the naked eye. The major types of microscopes used in research and the classroom include light microscopes, which use light to image a sample; el... Read More »

How are microscopes being used today?

Microscopes are essential tools for a wide range of scientific research, from cell biology to nuclear physics. In addition, microscopes are used by law enforcement agents to examine forensic eviden... Read More »

Can we see chromosomes with the microscopes used in classrooms?

You can see chromosomes using standard classroom microscopes, called compound or light microscopes. The chromosomes are not always visible, however. They can only be seen during prophase, when the ... Read More »

How are microscopes being used to improve our lives?

Microscopes are used in many different scientific fields that have benefited people. Modern medicine, biology and forensics are just some of the fields that use the microscope regularly to unlock t... Read More »