Microscope Staining Techniques?

Answer Microscopes are fundamental in the study and observation of very small structures, such as cells and microorganisms. The use of dyes to selectively color cells and other samples has made the use of... Read More »

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Microbiology Staining Techniques?

Unstained cells are typically clear or translucent, which makes them difficult to see and study. Therefore, microbiologists stain bacteria to improve their contrast and visibility under the microsc... Read More »

How do I prepare concrete for staining?

Water TestSplash water onto the surface of the concrete you wish to stain. If there are patches on the concrete that don't absorb the water, then there may be oil or caulking that will also block s... Read More »

How do I prep a deck for staining?

To prepare a deck for staining, you must clean all the wood thoroughly. According to Extreme How-To, new wood needs to be stripped of its "mill scale," the residue from the crushing of the grain du... Read More »

Concrete Staining & Etching?

If you are looking for a way to brighten up dull gray concrete on a floor, patio, driveway, walls, walkways or other areas, consider etching or staining it. These processes are suitable for new con... Read More »