Microscope Projects for Children?

Answer Microscope use introduces children to the benefits of employing technology in scientific discovery. Using this scientific tool allows children to see objects not seen by the naked eye alone. Micros... Read More »

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Art Projects for Preschool Age Children?

Few materials are needed to provide art experiences for preschool children. Art stimulates a child's brain and can strengthen the connection between the right and left hemisphere. Children can colo... Read More »

Cell Projects for Children?

The study of cells can be abstract and difficult for some children because cells are invisible to the naked eye. Learn to identify the organelles of each type of cell by creating models and studyin... Read More »

Beaver Projects for Children?

Beaver craft projects are a great way for children to learn about the natural life and habitat of beavers. They are also an entertaining, hands-on way to discover one of nature's more interesting c... Read More »

Impressionism Art Projects for Children?

In 1874 the artist Claude Monet exhibited his now-famed work "Impression, Sunrise in Paris." In response, the art critic Louis Leroy coined the term Impressionism to fit Monet's (and his contempora... Read More »