Microdermal removal question?

Answer Skindivers are the ones without holes in the plate. They also have a smaller plate beneath the skin. I always suggest getting microdermals because, as you said, their plate has holes in it, which... Read More »

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MicroDermal Hip Piercing?

1 - mine were completely worth the money. I have four on my nape, and going to be adding more. I haven't had many issues with them. They've gotten caught on my bedsheets only once or twice durin... Read More »

Question about Thyroid Removal?

I had my thyroid removed b/c of a suspicious biopsy, which turned out to by cancer. It was my first surgery and I was pregnant at the time (of all times!), so I didn't know what to expect but was p... Read More »

Tooth removal question?

To be honest it sounds like dry socket. I had it after extraction and! It hurt like hell. Couldn't sleep, nasty taste (most likely infection) and in the end had to go back to the dentist ... Read More »

Tattoo Removal Question?

The average cost for complete removal can vary, but the average range for removal of a 2-square-inch tattoo is $900 -$1500.There are various methods of tattoo removal. The removal method depends up... Read More »