Microdermal removal question?

Answer Skindivers are the ones without holes in the plate. They also have a smaller plate beneath the skin. I always suggest getting microdermals because, as you said, their plate has holes in it, which... Read More »

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MicroDermal Hip Piercing?

1 - mine were completely worth the money. I have four on my nape, and going to be adding more. I haven't had many issues with them. They've gotten caught on my bedsheets only once or twice durin... Read More »

Tooth removal question?

To be honest it sounds like dry socket. I had it after extraction and! It hurt like hell. Couldn't sleep, nasty taste (most likely infection) and in the end had to go back to the dentist ... Read More »

Tattoo Removal Question?

The average cost for complete removal can vary, but the average range for removal of a 2-square-inch tattoo is $900 -$1500.There are various methods of tattoo removal. The removal method depends up... Read More »

How to Insert A MicroDermal Anchor?

MicroDermal Anchors are single point piercings. In other words, only one end or bead is visible to the eye. They can be placed anywhere on the body. You should only go to an experienced, professi... Read More »