Micro. 6.0 icon on screen. Icon there, when a document is opened.?

Answer Your question and description are not explicit enough to be able to give you an adequate answer.For example, your reference to "Micro. 6.0", is that: • Trend Micro Mobile Security 6.0 • Su... Read More »

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What is the triangle icon that appears left of the bluetooth icon on iphone 4 display?

The data plan options $15/mo for 200MB $25/mo for 2GB$45/mo for 2GB + tetheringAdditional data overage charges are $10/GB

Why is there a sun icon behind the facebook icon on the yahoo toolbar?

sun icon behind the facebook icon is nothing but a way t notify you there is a facebook updates on you account :)You can right click and disable the yahoo toolbar!!or you can uninstall it using "ad... Read More »

How to get the loading icon off my iphone4 screen?

Restore printer icon to my screen?

Hi,Could you please explain that question in more detail please?Printing is normally done in a program such as word where the printer is accessed through the file menu.If you go into the control pa... Read More »