Michigan Labor Laws Regarding the Hours per Week a Student Can Work?

Answer The Michigan Department of Energy, Labor and Economic Growth is the custodian of laws pertaining to the number of hours students can work per week. Labor laws restricting hours of work for students... Read More »

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Federal Labor Laws on Hours Worked Per Week for Management?

The federal government sets certain requirements and protections pertaining to weekly work limits for employees who work in management. These requirements depend on the type of compensation receiv... Read More »

Michigan Labor Laws & Mandatory Breaks at Work?

Michigan labor law prescribes mandatory work breaks for workers between 14 and 17 years of age. Although Michigan has no laws mandating work breaks for workers 18 years of age or older, federal la... Read More »

Michigan Labor Laws for Waitresses?

In Michigan, tipped employment is subject to both state and federal laws. The biggest difference between tipped servers and nontipped employees is what they receive in direct employer wages. Though... Read More »

Michigan Labor Relations Laws?

Michigan provides certain guidelines for businesses that operate in the state. These guidelines explain what employers may and may not do in regard to policies such as vacation time, overtime and ... Read More »