Michelin Tire Care and Air Pressure Tips?

Answer Many people don't often think about their Michelin tires when it comes to car maintenance. However, proper tire care and proper inflation can greatly improve your car's performance. Michelin is a ... Read More »

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Tire Air Pressure Tips?

Tires aren't completely round; the part of the tire on the ground squeezes slightly flat under the weight of the vehicle. The lower the tire's air pressure, the larger this flat spot becomes and th... Read More »

How to Plug a Nail Hole in a Michelin Energy Tire?

Puncture holes in Michelin Energy Tires that are created by nails and other objects can be repaired using a plug and a few tools. These plugs can increase the life of your tire and make a trip to a... Read More »

How Much Pressure Should I Run in the Michelin X-Ice Tires?

Michelin X-Ice snow tires designed specifically for icy or snowy conditions. Like every tire, each X-Ice tire will have an optimum pressure, measured in pounds per square inch (PSI) for best operat... Read More »

High Tire Pressure Vs. Low Tire Pressure for Cars?

Proper tire pressure is one of many factors in getting the best gas mileage from a vehicle. Other factors that gauge gas mileage are excess weight in the vehicle, weather conditions and the driver'... Read More »