Michael Moore's SICKO documentary?

Answer Dangers2 is not being patriotic, in fact she's being quite the opposite. Someone patriotic wouldn't blindly follow what is obviously intruth because they don't want to pay a few pennies more in tax... Read More »

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What is shemar moores characters name in criminal minds?

If you could dedicate one of Michael Jackson's songs to Michael, what would it be and why?

Well... I'm kind of upset with him so I'd like to kindly remind him of a song that he once sang. The lyrics go something like this:Tell the angels no, I don't wanna leave my baby alone, I don't wa... Read More »

Michael Jackson Fans: Does anyone know how much Michael weighed when he wore the gold pants?

lol i dont know, i have to know thoubq:…i like this one too:…or:…omg... Read More »

How to Write a Documentary?

These days, many filmmakers, from beginners to long-time professionals, are looking to branch out into the documentary film genre. If you're looking at creating one of these factual video accounts ... Read More »