MiO water enhancers anyone?

Answer It's a flavorful change from water but to me they are kind of like air conditioning. You enjoy the result but it is so apparently fake it distracts from the pleasure. I find mixing flavors makes me... Read More »

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How to Adjust HHO Map Enhancers?

The HHO Map Enhancer is a small after-market add-on for cars that have been retrofitted to use hydrogen as a fuel source. The Map Enhancer allows the user total control over the fuel mixture while ... Read More »

Foods that are mood enhancers?

Eating Spicy foods can release endorphins in your body.Dark Chocolate can also release endorphins and seretonin.A good balanced diet can cause a happy digestive system which will cause an overall s... Read More »

Is it OK to take pleasure enhancers while pregnant?

Answer Uhm...if i were you I wouldn't take pleasure enhancers while you are pregnant. There are some chemicals in pleasure enhancers that may induce labor prematurely. Consult with your doctor bef... Read More »

Are enhancers worth it (with pictures)?

No one really answered your question... But no, I dont' think they are worth it and I don't think you will get the lighter eye color with them.