Mexican verison of a bay bay?

Answer For those who don't know: A Bay Bay is a song by Hurricane Chris, a rapper from Shreveport, Louisiana. It is the debut single off his debut album 51/50 Ratchet. It was released in June 2007.http://... Read More »

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How much is iPhone 3g at verison?

The iPhone 3G is not available at Verizon, it is an AT&T only product.

Is iphone 4 available with verison?

Do iPhone 3GS have verison service?

If you mean,' Do iPhone 3GS's have Verizon service?' No, not anymore, as of 17/10/2011 you can only get the iPhone 3GS on AT&T!

When is iPhone coming out to verison?

It never will as it is an AT&T exclusive.9/13/11: It WAS a AT&T exclusive, but now it is coming to Sprint and Verizon in October.