Mexican or chinese food.. which do you prefer?

Answer GOSH that is soo hard because those two are my favorite! (Although I'm korean.. I dislike korean food haha) hmm. Chinese food can be absolutely delicious but can be pretty oily and unhealthy. So i'... Read More »

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Do u prefer italian , french , chinese or mexican food?

Chinese, then Mexican, Italian and at a push French if I can't find any of the others, in that order

Which do u prefer , chinesee or mexican food?

chinese for sure =] theres a great vairety and it tastes great ....

Do you like Mexican or Chinese food better?

Chinese or Mexican food which one's better?

It all depends on where and what you eat. The average "Mexican restaurant" in the US serves similar crap to the old style "Chinese" restaurants that served "chop suey," "chow mein" and "egg rolls" ... Read More »