Mexican Colors for Interiors?

Answer The rich and vibrant colors of Mexico are reflected in its interior design styles. Mexican colors for interiors include deep ochres, reds and oranges, bright yellows, whites and blues and a range o... Read More »

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Log Home Interiors Paint Colors?

Contrary to popular belief, the log cabin was not the first type of house built in America. According to This Old House, "The Pilgrims came with a taste for late-medieval architecture: post-and-bea... Read More »

What do the colors of the mexican flag mean?

Mexico is a former Spanish colony situated in Central America that borders Belize to the south and the United States to the north, with coastlines that run along the Pacific Ocean to the west and t... Read More »

What do the mexican flag colors represent?

Special significance is embedded within the green, white and red colors of the national flag of Mexico. The meaning of each color has changed since the flag was officially adopted in 1821.Origin of... Read More »

If you live in California and your ex has dual Mexican citizenship and a fake Mexican birth certificate would you be able to get full custody of the child?

Yes. You can give up custody. You can give the other parent or person full legal custody through a stipulated agreement if they agree to it.