Mettler Thread Vs. Superior Thread?

Answer Mettler and Superior are two different brands of thread. Superior Thread and Mettler Thread both make sewing, quilting and embroidery thread and offer their products in a wide range of fabrics.

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How do I thread a Singer electronic control easy thread machine?

Power your sewing machine down. Put the thread on the thread spindle on top of the machine. Move the spool pin holder over the rim of the spool so the thread doesn't tangle. Rotate the handwheel on... Read More »

Will 200 thread count cotton sheets pill What is the lowest thread count sheets you use?

They can, but if you wash them correctly they won't for a while (on gentle or bedding, warm wash/cold rinse and DO NOT put them in a hot dryer. use low heat or permanent press.)150 is the lowest I ... Read More »

What Is FPT thread?

FPT is an acronym for female pipe thread. FPT is the designation given to female national pipe threads, or NPT. NPT are the most commonly used type of threads for general purposes.References:Plumbi... Read More »

What does"SAE thread"mean?

SAE stands for the Society of Automotive Engineering, an organization that developed one of the most accepted standards for threads on nuts and bolts. SAE also standardizes ratings of the fit of t... Read More »