Methods to Stop Adult Thumb Sucking?

Answer When referring to thumb sucking, most people might think of children, but thumb sucking is also common in adults. An adult might thumb suck for reasons such as anxiety or comfort. There are several... Read More »

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How to stop sucking your thumb?

I did until I was 11. I did two things. I wore a sock on my hand and I got a squishy pillow and changed from sucking my thumb to hugging the pillow. It took a lot of repeated reminding myself...... Read More »

I'm 13 how do I stop sucking my thumb?

If your braces or retainers have any part that lays over the roof of your mouth, sucking your thumb will feel awkward and unrewarding. But if it still is tempting, try sleeping with a sock over yo... Read More »


It's just a habit that you start. I have been biting my nails for a long time and it's very addicting. I've tried to stop but I just keep doing it. So it's almost the same with you. You could put o... Read More »

How to Get a Little Two Year Old to Stop Sucking on Their Thumb?

Children experience certain behavioral phases as they grow up. Young toddlers often begin sucking their thumb, and it can be quite tricky to get them to stop. Children suck their thumbs as a substi... Read More »