Methods of Teaching an Inquiry-Based Class?

Answer An inquiry-based class is a class in which the teacher encourages questions and discussion rather than just giving the information to the students. These classes can be extremely valuable, as stude... Read More »

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What does inquiry based mean?

Inquiry based learning is a student-centered instructional approach where the teacher guides the lessons based upon student generated questions. The goal of this instructional approach is to teach ... Read More »

Scientific Methods of Research Inquiry?

Scientific research is guided by a standard set of steps called the scientific method. The steps can be remembered by the acronym HEAR: hypothesis, experiment, analysis, results. Within the experim... Read More »

Should all learning in math be inquiry based?

On One Hand: Inquiry Based Teaching is Very EffectiveProponents of the inquiry-based math instruction often use the statement "involve me and I'll understand". Inquiry based instruction is largely ... Read More »

The Components of an Inquiry Based Classroom?

A teacher can assume any number of roles in the classroom: manager, lecturer, facilitator, guide, conversation partner and disciplinarian, to name a few. His choices about which of these roles to o... Read More »