Methods of Teaching an Inquiry-Based Class?

Answer An inquiry-based class is a class in which the teacher encourages questions and discussion rather than just giving the information to the students. These classes can be extremely valuable, as stude... Read More »

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Scientific Methods of Research Inquiry?

Scientific research is guided by a standard set of steps called the scientific method. The steps can be remembered by the acronym HEAR: hypothesis, experiment, analysis, results. Within the experim... Read More »

The Components of an Inquiry Based Classroom?

A teacher can assume any number of roles in the classroom: manager, lecturer, facilitator, guide, conversation partner and disciplinarian, to name a few. His choices about which of these roles to o... Read More »

What does inquiry based mean?

Inquiry based learning is a student-centered instructional approach where the teacher guides the lessons based upon student generated questions. The goal of this instructional approach is to teach ... Read More »

How to Use the Internet to Promote Inquiry Based Learning?

Use the Internet to promote inquiry based learning in students or children to learn how to problem solve and develop critical thinking. Invigorate learning in students through developing research h... Read More »