Methods of Solving Simple Equations?

Answer A simple algebraic equation is one that features only a single variable. Variables are letters or other symbols that stand for an unknown number in an equation, most commonly represented by the let... Read More »

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What Are Three Methods of Solving Simultaneous Equations?

A set of simultaneous equations, also known as a system of equations, can be solved in a number of ways, using pure algebra, coordinate geometry or technology. These same methods can also determine... Read More »

Methods of Solving Equations With Variables?

Algebraic math classes introduce unknown variables into math equations. The variables represent unknown quantities within the equation which must be determined in order to solve the expression. In ... Read More »

Four Methods of Solving Quadratic Equations Algebraically?

In your Algebra class, you'll learn to solve quadratic equations, which are equations where the highest degree term is squared. Because every quadratic equation is different, the best method to sol... Read More »

Pros & Cons in Methods of Solving Systems of Equations?

A system of linear equations involves two relationships with two variables in each relationship. By solving a system, you are finding where the two relationships are true at the same time, in other... Read More »