Methods of Qualitative Data Collection?

Answer Qualitative research methods provide rich information about an issue or subject. They allow the researcher to get involved with their topic instead of crunching numbers. The finished product is a n... Read More »

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Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection Methods?

Quantitative and qualitative research are two approaches to gathering data. Although they can be used together, and the two approaches get into similar methodology at times, they look for different... Read More »

The Difference in Quantitative & Qualitative Data Collection?

Quantitative data is information that relates to numbers, and can be measured, while qualitative data deals with information descriptions and cannot be measured or observed. These two methods of co... Read More »

Steps in Data Collection of Qualitative Research?

Qualitative research collects large amounts of information on subjects that are often too complex to be quantified. Qualitative research techniques can be used to explore ideas, experiences or beli... Read More »

Methods of Storing Qualitative Data?

When you are conducting research, you can gather one of two types of data: quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative data takes the form of numeric entries that you can plug into equations and spre... Read More »