Methods of Data Analysis in Qualitative Research?

Answer In advanced studies, a researcher may approach his topics quantitatively, qualitatively or with the use of a mixed methodology. When opting for a qualitative approach, researchers have several opti... Read More »

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How to Integrate Qualitative & Quantitative Research Methods in Educational Research?

Most researchers produce either quantitative or qualitative research. It is rare for both methods to be used in the same study. Qualitative research relies more on observation and interviews while ... Read More »

Qualitative Analysis Research Topics?

Qualitative research seeks deeper understanding of behavior and motivations. Instead of numerical data for statistical analysis, qualitative research analyzes non-numerical outputs, such as audio a... Read More »

Methods Used in Qualitative Research?

The term "qualitative" applies to a whole set of research approaches, methodologies, techniques, tools and philosophies. Researchers use qualitative methods to explore, describe and explain phenome... Read More »

Methods of Storing Qualitative Data?

When you are conducting research, you can gather one of two types of data: quantitative or qualitative. Quantitative data takes the form of numeric entries that you can plug into equations and spre... Read More »