Methods for Teaching English to Non English Speaking People?

Answer The United States is becoming even more diverse demographically.(see ref 2) As many Americans try to prepare their children for a multi-lingual society by enrolling them in schools which teach othe... Read More »

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Speaking Activities for Teaching English?

Teaching English can be a challenging task, since it is a complicated language to learn. One crucial part of this process is having students actually speak to you and to one another, to stimulate a... Read More »

Challenges of Teaching in ESL & English-Speaking Classrooms?

English as a Second Language classes help adults and children learn to speak, write and read in the English language. People in these classes often have contrasting backgrounds and are able to spea... Read More »

Methods of Teaching Spoken English?

Spoken English is the type of English that native speakers learn first. It comes from listening to caregivers and being present in society. To teach spoken English to nonnative English speakers, th... Read More »

Methods for Teaching English and Grammar?

Learning style and ability vary in each child. Teaching English and grammar require knowledge of different learning styles and methodologies to successfully reach every student in the classroom. So... Read More »