Methods for Finding a Mean?

Answer In mathematics, "mean" is a synonym for "average." The mean is the average value of a group of numbers. Means are used frequently in math, most often in statistics. Knowing the average value of a g... Read More »

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What does continue case without a finding mean?

In certain states, to continue a case without a finding or to receive a continuance without a finding is an admission by a defendant in a case that there are sufficient facts to find him guilty. It... Read More »

What does IDK mean Im Not Sure I'm Finding It Hard To Know What It Is...?

idk means I don't know. You're reminding me of this… hehe

Techniques for Finding a Job?

In today's economy, finding a job takes more effort than just searching for job openings and sending resumes. There are many ways to find work, and many places to search. The internet has opened up... Read More »

Strategies for Finding a Job?

Having a good strategy is an important component for a successful job search. Using several techniques extends the reach of your message. Several strategies can yield positive results, including em... Read More »