Methods for Factoring Trinomials?

Answer If there is one math subject nearly every student finds challenging when he or she first encounters it, it is algebra, particularly the factoring of trinomials. There are several methods for factor... Read More »

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Techniques for Factoring Trinomials?

Trinomials are polynomials with three terms. The smallest trinomials are degree two, meaning the largest exponent is two. Trinomials can be of any degree, because the name trinomial means only that... Read More »

Tricks to Factoring Trinomials?

Trinomials are polynomials with three terms. Some neat tricks are available for factoring trinomials; all of these methods involve your ability to factor a number into all its possible pairs of fac... Read More »

Factoring Trinomials Games?

Factoring trinomials is a skill taught to students in algebra. When students understand the concepts, teachers can reinforce the ideas through games. Games give students something enjoyable to look... Read More »

The Difference in Factoring Quadratics & Trinomials?

The process of factoring is used to solve quadratic functions, functions that contain X's that are squared but not raised to any higher exponent. However, different factoring techniques are used in... Read More »