Methods for Chiral HPLC?

Answer There are many compounds that have the same chemical formula and structure. However, these compounds can differ based on the spatial arrangement of the compounds around the central point. This spac... Read More »

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How Many Chiral Centers Does Cholesterol Have?

Chiral centers can be identified by locating carbons with four different bonded groups. Therefore, cholesterol has eight chiral carbons.SourceNational Institute of Health

What is HPLC?

HPLC stands for high performance liquid chromatography. This is a procedure for separating pigment compounds and quantifying them in analytical chemistry processes. Mikhail S. Tswett, a Russian bot... Read More »

What is an HPLC system?

An high-pressure liquid chromatography, or HPLC, system is an instrument used in research and manufacturing to separate mixtures of molecules. It generally consists of one or more pumps, a port int... Read More »

What is an hplc column?

HIgh performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) uses instrumentation to separate, identify and measure the different components of a chemical sample. The stainless steel columns contain packing mater... Read More »