Method for Seed Dispersion in a Sugar Maple?

Answer The sugar maple tree gets its name from the sweet sap that runs through its grain during the spring and summer. The sugar maple is the only maple tree that produces maple syrup and is one of the mo... Read More »

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How to Whip Maple Syrup to Make Maple Sugar Candy?

Make your own maple sugar candy with whipped maple syrup, or maple cream. Whipped maple syrup is often called maple cream because after boiling the syrup gains an appearance and texture similar to ... Read More »

How long does it take for a red maple leaf seed to sprout?

I've wanted to do that for years and years but never got around to it. Seed starting is tricky so I would say you should plant 20 seeds if you can find them. Success thru numbers, you might say.... Read More »

How long do maple trees seed each season?

Maple trees produces samaras, which have two wings and a single seed. These samaras fall and spread the seed just before the tree loses its leaves in the fall. In a single season, 70,000 samaras pe... Read More »

Substitutes for Maple Sugar?

According to The Cook's Thesaurus, maple sugar comes from the crystallization of maple syrup, but this ingredient does not readily appear in a typical pantry. Substitutions for maple sugar depend o... Read More »