Methadone put me in ICU for 2 weeks and why do you think you need it?

Answer First, I don't think I need it...nor would I want to. Second, thanks for sharing your experience and I hope that it may help people facing that decision.

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How long should a methadone patient take to get off of methadone on 60mg?

my fiancee has been on it for 2 yrs and they say it is the hardest thing to dtox off of are you in the clinic well e-mail I will answer better then

I need 2 lose weight i have 2 weeks i need a FREE way to lose 12lbs in 2 weeks please help.?

Okay, this is going to be difficult, just so you know. Spend at least one hour a day exercising - preferably cardio, like running. To burn calories you need to sweat for an extended period of time.... Read More »

You are 18 19 in three weeks and you are about 2 an a half weeks pregnant the father is 35 he said he would be there for you no mater what an now he has changed you think you are going to end alone?

Well too bad you didnt ask earlier about being involved with a man twice your age.. Someone could have clued you in to the fact that a 35 year old man only wants one thing from a 18 year old. Prob... Read More »

Do you think i look big for how many weeks i am and how far along do u think i am?

i would say 33-34 just because u r a little bigger than i am,so how far along r u?