Metformin side effects, how long do they last?

Answer I too had problems. I was prescribed 1500 mil of Metformin coated and I figured out I could get it cheaper (4$) at Walmart if I purchased three 500 milligram tabs uncoated. So I did and took them a... Read More »

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How long does it take for Metformin side effects to start?

I have been taking Metformin for a month now and I find that most of my GI effects happen at night. If I take it around dinner time then I end up waking up at night having to vomit. If I take it in... Read More »

How long until Metformin side effects subside?

i would recommend asking your pharmacist. they have all sorts of resouces about side effects so they should be able to help you. if it continues for an extended period of time you may want to speak... Read More »

What are the long-term side effects of taking metformin tablets for diabetes?

Metformin, when used over long periods of time, may cause a deficiency in vitamin B-12. Normally, the vitamin B-12 levels should be monitored every two to three years. If you do have a deficiency, ... Read More »

How long should you give the side effects to balance out once you have started taking metformin?

29 Mar 2010 Talk with your doctor - as long as the side effects are bearable try and continue for as long as possible as diabetes is life long... as a rough guide, try for a couple of months.