Metabolism - What is called metabolism?

Answer Metabolism is the amount of energy (calories) your body burns to maintain itself. Whether you are eating, drinking, sleeping, cleaning etc… your body is constantly burning calories to keep you go... Read More »

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What can I do to speed up my metabolism?

Actually, you need to take the psychological principle of classical conditioning and mix it in with a bit of biology. For guys, the body runs most optimally on 6 smaller meals a day, spread out rou... Read More »

What is the metabolism diet?

Those with a faster metabolism burn calories faster, but those with a slow metabolism have access to plans and programs such as the metabolism diet. By eating the right foods, the creators claim th... Read More »

What is chondrocyte metabolism?

Everywhere in the body that cartilage is found---the joints, the intervertebral discs, the nose and ear---chondrocytes are found too. Chondrocyte metabolism consists of the biochemical processes un... Read More »

What can boost up your metabolism?

Some people can eat large quantities of food and not gain weight, while others eat very little but pack on the pounds. The reason for this is metabolism, which is the sum total of all the physical ... Read More »