Messages sent through iMessanger keeps sending as text messages?

Answer By default, your iPhone is set to automatically send the iMessage through SMS if the servers are down or you can’t find a Wi-Fi connection. You can change this setting under Settings > Messages. ... Read More »

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How can I react if my husband keeps sending anonymous messages to a t.v. star in her website?

I guess you have to remind him of reality. He is married to you and she will never want him. I hope that wasn't cruel, but sometimes life isn't a fairy tale.

How to Stop Sending Unpleasant Text Messages?

Everybody has those moments, the times when you want to send a deliciously evil message, that could finally make somebody feel your pain. But before you send it think about the consequences of your... Read More »

Is anyone else on AT&T's text messages not sending in 2010...?

not working in NY either. and yes, verizon is working. i cant wait for that commercial.

Why aren't any ladies, whom I have sent messages to, responding back to my messages on Facebook?

when you send a message to someone on facebook who isnt on your friends list, it gets put in the "other messages" folder, and doesnt notify them that they have any new messagesfacebook does this on... Read More »