Message Decoding Activities for Children?

Answer Children enjoy making codes and writing secret messages that others can't figure out. Help them use their imaginations to create both written and spoken codes to use between friends. Decoding activ... Read More »

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Hidden Message Activities?

If you're looking for an engaging and entertaining way to test students' knowledge or to reinforce skills and concepts that have been taught, consider using secret message activities. Secret messag... Read More »

Morning Message Activities for 3rd Grade?

The morning message, also called morning announcements, portion of each school morning usually lasts between 10 and 20 minutes. During this time students listen to school announcements, the daily l... Read More »

What Are Decoding Skills?

Decoding, sometimes called sounding out, involves matching letters and words to sounds. Children should begin to understand the relationship between letters and sounds at preschool age. Good decodi... Read More »

How to Teach Word Decoding?

Decoding is a term for sounding out words. Children begin learning this skill in kindergarten, and instruction continues through first grade. Decoding is crucial for proficient reading. Children mu... Read More »