Mess Dress Rules?

Answer The term mess dress is referred to as the military's dress code to formal events. According to Apparel Search, mess dress is a trend practiced among the U.S. Armed Forces. The term began in the ear... Read More »

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Who wears the dress mess uniform?

The mess dress uniform is worn by the military. It is also known as mess uniform or mess kit. The mess dress uniform is evening attire worn at formal occasions, such as black tie events.References:... Read More »

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How do you get siblings to clean up their own mess when neither will admit to making the mess?

well catch them doing something bad at first like if they have a recorder and they are saying funny but bad things in it black mail them that you are gonna tell an adult and trust me they will list... Read More »

Rules for Duck Tape Dress Contests?

Each year, girls wear prom dresses made of duct tape for the chance to win thousands of dollars. Most contest rules are based on those of the annual Duck Tape brand duct tape "Stuck at Prom" Schola... Read More »