Mermaid Crafts?

Answer Mermaids are just one of many types of mythical sea creatures traditionally envisioned to be half-human and half-fish. However, popular culture has helped make mermaids perhaps the best-known of al... Read More »

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How do you become a mermaid that does not turn into a mermaid every time you touch water?

In Mermaid Melody Pitchi Pitchi Pitch does Kaito find out that Luchia is a mermaid?

Yes, at the end of the first season. To be precise on the last episode of the first season, which episode 52

How to Be a Mermaid, for Fun?

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How do you become a mermaid when you want to?

You can't. There is no such thing as a mermaid. They are not real and do not exist outside of stories and myth. People can not change into other things, but must stay people.