Mercedes Drive Belt Installation?

Answer The Mercedes C Class is one of the highest-selling model lines for the Mercedes automotive corporation. The vehicle uses a single drive belt called a "serpentine" belt to run all of the engine's ac... Read More »

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How to Replace the Drive Belt on a 1985 Mercedes 380SE?

The 1985 Mercedes 380SE comes equipped with one single drive belt that is called a serpentine belt. The serpentine belt controls all of the engine accessories at the same time from just one belt. T... Read More »

How to Change a Drive Belt on 1992 Mercedes 300E?

The technical term for the drive belt on a 1992 Mercedes 300E is "serpentine belt." The serpentine belt on the 300E model is a 8 ribbed belt that travels inside of all of the accessory pulleys. Thi... Read More »

Dodge Drive Belt Installation?

Most new Dodge vehicles, like the Dodge Neon, Dakota and Challenger, all use serpentine drive belts to run the accessories on the engine. This includes the alternator, power steering, air condition... Read More »

Chevy S-10 Drive Belt Installation?

Drive belts don't wait for a convenient time to fail. They also have been known to squeal as they start to give out. If you own a Chevy that was made after 1987, these are the instructions for repl... Read More »