Mercedes Benz E320 Specifications?

Answer The Mercedes Benz E320 is a four-door, five-seater sedan that is part of the executive E-Class range of vehicles. The latest line of E320 vehicles was introduced in 2006 and incorporated a BlueTec ... Read More »

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How Often Do You Change the Oil in a Mercedes Benz E320?

As the owner of a high-end luxury vehicle, you want to make absolutely certain that you follow all manufacturer guidelines and specifications with respect to proper maintenance and upkeep. This wil... Read More »

Where is the battery in a Mercedes Benz E320?

The battery in the Mercedes E320, and in fact in the entire E-class, is located under the rear passenger seat. Mercedes designed the car with the battery in this unusual location for better weight... Read More »

How to Replace an Oil Pan Gasket in a Mercedes Benz E320?

The oil pan gasket in the Mercedes-Benz E320 is located around the edge of the pan. The gasket prevents oil from leaking out of the engine, which makes it a vital component of the vehicle. Replacin... Read More »

Automotive Oil Weight for a 1996 E320 Mercedes Benz?

In the years of single-grade oil, as temperatures fell, the oil became thicker. This thicker oil was great for lubrication, but it flowed slowly. This caused the top end of the engine to run withou... Read More »