Mental preparedness for knee injury?

Answer You could use imagery, picture yourself walking with your crutches without pain, and when it comes time to walk just say to yourself "i can do this" and imagine yourself walking and walk

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Severe Knee injury with MRI findings, can anyone give me some insight or relation, In need of mental relief!?

Hi Natasha,First off, I want to say that I am very sorry about your knee injury. Sounds so painful and I understand how it can make you depressed. I am 17, have had 3 MRI scans on my knees, and I h... Read More »

I had a knee injury?

I had a knee injury, well it still bothers me today and i had surgery...I would ask the doc for Motrin and a few painkillers...The Motrin will help with the swelling and the painkillers will let yo... Read More »

I'm NOT Faking Knee Injury!!?

It could still have something wrong with it. just bc its not swollen dont mean anything. If you cant walk on it it could be fractured they would rap it up and send u home

Knee injury is getting bad?

It sounds like a dislocation of the Patellar bone in your knee.