Men's and Women's Salaries for Nursing?

Answer Registered nursing provides the greatest employment opportunity in the health care industry. Approximately 2.6 million registered nurses worked in the United States as of May 2010, according to the... Read More »

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State of Illinois Nursing Instructor Salaries?

Nursing instructors at post-secondary institutions in the state of Illinois, including those who teach how to care for patients in the classroom or in clinical settings, earned lower average annual... Read More »

What do the womens bathroom look like?

Cleaner (generally) than the men's.Although I've never seen a pile of feces behind a men's room toilet, whereas I have in the women's when I was bussing in a restaurant.Oh, and the urinals are repl... Read More »

How big should womens feet be?

Well I am 27 and a size 5, size 6 is a small size as well. Statistically size 7 is an average size foot for a woman however think about it this way if you see a woman who is 6 feet tall with a size... Read More »

Womens' Bob Hairstyles?

Women's bob hairstyles come in a variety of forms, from classic and conservative to modern and choppy. A bob's length can range from just below the shoulders to above the jaw, with or without a fri... Read More »