Men's Fashion of the 1970s?

Answer The fashion of the 1970s progressed from the hippie styles of the 60s by infusing tight-fitting tops to shaggy hairstyles and flared pants. Men's styles were influenced greatly by disco music, as s... Read More »

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1970s Fashion Silhouettes?

The 1970s were a very diverse and creative time for fashion. Men and women alike became more experimental in the clothes they wore for work and for play. A garment's silhouette often helps to defin... Read More »

Fashion in the Late 1970s for Women?

The late 1970s was a time of platform shoes, disco clothing and designer jeans. During that time, women were encouraged to be creative and uninhibited. From tiered skirts to hot pants, everyone fol... Read More »

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Differences Between Fashion Designing & Fashion Merchandising?

Fashion designing and fashion merchandising are two related but different fields. Both require a deep knowledge of fashion trends. However, fashion designing focuses primarily on creating clothes t... Read More »