Men's Fashion of the 1880s?

Answer The silhouette of men's fashion in the 1880s was narrow and fitted. The fabric was typically some kind of wool cloth, such as tweed. Bowler hats and, later in the decade, straw boater hats and deer... Read More »

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1880s Fashion Plates?

Fashion magazines were as popular in the 1880s as they are now. Many magazines such as Godey's, Petersons and Girl's Own Paper featured fashion plates showing hand-colored engravings of the latest ... Read More »

Hairstyles of the 1880s?

If you were a woman living in the 1880s it is a good bet your hairstyle would be slightly disheveled. Frizzy, curly hair was in vogue and hair was frequently loosely piled on top of the head. Bangs... Read More »

Capes for English Men in the 1880s?

In late 19th century England, men needed to be properly dressed for the frigid winter temperatures and cool nights during the rest of the year. Capes were fashionable among both British men and wom... Read More »

1880s Western Clothes?

Louis XIV said that fashion is a mirror. Fashion reflects a person's lifestyle and personality, and in a wider scope, it reflects a society's history. The 1880s west took late Victorian fashion and... Read More »