Men's Dressing Color Guide?

Answer The commonly held theory is that men know little about color-coordinating their dress wear. Having a flair for color requires that certain tones are used when dressing for certain occasions. Skin t... Read More »

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Italian Dressing Ranch Dressing French Dressing Or Russian Dressing Which do u like better on your salad?

I don't use any salad dressing on my salad, but if I had to pick on, it would be Ranch.

A Guide to Color Symbolism?

Color expresses natural, cultural, social, psychological and religious connotations. Natural associations reflect nature and universal themes (i.e., green meaning growth and spring). Cultural overt... Read More »

Phytochemical Color Guide?

A phytochemical or phytonutrient is a chemical compound that occurs naturally in plants. Phytochemicals are not considered to be essential to the human diet, but are believed to be beneficial to hu... Read More »

How to Use a Makeup Color Guide?

The world contains billions of women, each with her own personal style, not only in clothing but also in makeup. Since makeup styles differ, many cosmetics companies produce makeup color charts so ... Read More »