Meniscus Defined?

Answer The word "meniscus" derives from the Greek word for "crescent." The meniscus can refer to the curvature of liquid, the anatomy of a knee or a lens to reduce distortion.

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Did I injure my MCL or meniscus?

Hello, I'm sorry about your knee. Knee injuries can be serious and there's a lot in the knee that can be hurt and cause pain. What other symptoms do you have if any? The the symptoms of a torn liga... Read More »

Meniscus Definition?

The word meniscus refers to the curved surface of a liquid in a container. For most liquids, the meniscus will curve downward, but for some (such as mercury), the meniscus will curve upward.

Help, I tore my meniscus...?

The oblique meniscus injuries generally occur in the white zone. Surgical repairs done commonly include...Partial meniscectomy and total meniscectomy,