Memory upgrade?

Answer check on run the memory advisor it will tell you the correct type for pc.

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Can you upgrade laptop memory?

Laptop memory (also known as RAM) can be upgraded in both Windows and Macintosh laptop computers. Every brand and model of laptop has its own specific requirements for the size, speed and capacity ... Read More »

How to Upgrade the Memory in Your PC?

Upgrading your memory is the easiest way to modify your computer's speed. Ask a salesperson at a computer store what kind of memory you need for your computer. The sticks range in price from $10.00... Read More »

How do I upgrade the memory in Windows XP?

Determine Memory NeededYou must first determine how much memory you will need and that your computer will hold. Go to "Start," "Settings," "Control Panel." Click "System" and then "General." You wi... Read More »

Can I upgrade the memory for an iTouch?

Apple does not offer upgrade options for the iPod Touch, but this doesn't mean you can't update the memory yourself. If you can take it apart and replace the Toshiba flash chips, you can upgrade th... Read More »