Memory storage problems with Samsung galaxy s mini ?

Answer Here is the support site they will help

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Will samsung galaxY s3 mini go cheaper if samsung galaxy s4 comes out?

I don't really understand why people get smart phones. If all you need is calling and text messaging, what can it do better than something that costs a fraction of the price and is a far smaller si... Read More »

Samsung galaxy europa low storage space?

I'd think that 'apps' would be really quite small programs, it's the MASS storage that you need to shift. Music takes up a little memory, so do photos, but it's VIDEO-files that really eat up the ... Read More »

Enabling USB mass storage for Samsung Galaxy S1?

first connect ya phone to ya comp. See if u get a usb logo in ya notification bar. If its not there, then connect to another usb port. Do that till u get the usb thingy in ya notification bar. Now ... Read More »

LG L9 vs Samsung Galaxy s3 mini?

NEITHERThe Samsung Galaxy SII (2) is better than both these phone in EVERY SINGLE ASPECT. In the UK the SGS II cost less than the 3 MINIYou need to buy the SGS II this is the Dual Core version of t... Read More »