Memory sticks ?

Answer They have the same functionality. Duo means double fuctionality, some cameras use Pro duo and some use stick pro it all depends on the camera manufacturer, but yes they're the same. About that erro... Read More »

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Can memory sticks be used on a Mac?

Memory sticks, also known as flash drives or Universal Serial Bus (USB) drives, can be used with Macs the same as with Windows-based PCs. Flash drives often work better with Mac OS than with Window... Read More »

How do I install memory sticks?

Open the door to the device's Memory Stick slot if applicable; oftentimes this door is the same as the battery bay door, but other times the Memory Stick has its own unique port. Position the conne... Read More »

Putting in memory sticks?

It is true. You do need to ground yourself prior to touching both the computer AND the memory sticks. What I usually do is the following:1. Power down and unplug the computer2. Then power drain it ... Read More »

Do memory sticks keep infomation?

Sell them.. although they are probably not worth much if they are not a least DDR. RAM (Random Access Memory) looses all it's 'stored' information when voltage is lost IE. power down/turn off. That... Read More »