Memory on vista?

Answer Memory = RAMStorage = hard disk space.Adding an external hard drive will give you extra storage, but won't make any thing run faster. You need more RAM for that.

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Can memory from Windows XP be added to memory on Windows Vista?

You may use memory from a Windows XP computer in a Windows Vista PC so long as both systems use the same type of memory. If the Windows XP computer uses DDR RAM, for example, the Vista computer mus... Read More »

Will Vista run on 512 MB DDR2 memory?

The Home Basic version of Windows Vista will run on 512 MB of DDR2 memory. Every other version of Vista requires a minimum of 1GB memory with at least a 1 GHZ processor.References:Microsoft: Window... Read More »

Windows vista physical memory?

Increase the virtual memory… if it still persist, increase your RAM

How much memory can vista support?

The amount of memory Windows Vista can support depends on the version. All 32-bit Vista versions can support up to 4 GB, except for Vista Starter, which can support only 1 GB. Meanwhile, 64-bit Win... Read More »