Melatonin Questions help please!?

Answer Alfred is right, but the fact that you're 13 concerns me. Most every bottle of Melatonin that I've seen has had a warning that if you are under 16 (or 18 on some of them), you should ask your docto... Read More »

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Fluanxol questions, help please?

Have you expressed your concerns to your doctor? There make be an alternative medicine available for you to take.

Braces questions please help!?

1. You can take whatever pain relievers you want. Something like ibuprofen or Tylenol would work.2. You can eat pretty much the same things you always have. Some recommendations though are to stay ... Read More »

Cruise questions Help please /:?

Well buffets are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which are always free, so is the formal dining.There's also a 24 hour pizza and ice cream bar.There might be some delis or food places that ar... Read More »