Megabytes and Gigabytes?

Answer The program is mb's ,, you will have most of your 69.9 gigs left. @

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Is megabytes more than gigabytes?

GB is equivalent to 1,024MB. But remember - MORE ISN'T ALWAYS BETTER. If the 1GB RAM is PC2100, but the 512MB RAM is PC2-5300 or so, the 512MB RAM system is better. Also, if the 200GB hard drive... Read More »

How do megabytes relate to gigabytes?

You multiply 1,024 by how many gigs there are and that is how many megabites you have.

How do I convert gigabytes to megabytes?

Multiply the number of gigabytes by 1,024 to obtain the number of megabytes. For example, 1 gigabyte x 1,024 megabytes/gigabyte = 1,024 megabytes. Another example: 250 gigabytes x 1,024 megabytes/g... Read More »

How much gigabytes is 1000 megabytes..?