Mega Pixels - How many does the human eye have?

Answer As far as I know, we dont see in pixels. A tv or digital picture is in pixels. A pixel is a block of color. A bunch of blocks of colors are positioned to form a picture. This is done so the picture... Read More »

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Mega pixel camera,how many mega pixels will the human eye recognise?

The human eye will detect 300dpi. Megapixels will define the overall number of pixels - hence size of the image. So 8.3mp will print at A4 size at 300dpi. But 2mps will also print at 300 dpi - j... Read More »

If the human eye was a camera, how many mega pixels would it be?

your pixels have dimension and satisfying numbers----your eye retina less than 4 sq inches has millions of cells like your pixels( equivalent to pixels)

How many mega pixels does an phone have?

This all depends on the camera of the phone in question. Some 'phones have no camera.

How many mega pixels does the iPhone 4S camera have?